Just witnessed: 

Conductor walks by and somewhat cheerfully says: ‘found another cell phone on an empty seat – if it’s not soon claimed, well then it’s going all the way down Washington DC to forever lie in a bin full of other lost phones – ha .. ‘

Guy sitting across from me (a professor I think) speaks up: “ask SIRI whose it is”

Conductor, perhaps not accustomed to being addressed, holds it up and smugly notes: ‘its locked…(dummy)’

Professor: “doesn’t matter, try: whose iPhone does this belong to?”

As if suddenly holding a live bird, the conductor nervously hands it over to the professor: ‘you do it’ ..and steps quickly back.
Sure enough, SIRI: “‘Michael Kansan”’

Another conductor appears out of nowhere and checks his list to confirm
(the level of drama has risen noticeably in the recent seconds)
and exclaims, that Mr. Kansan is getting off at the next stop and is right now standing by the door, two cars back.
With the urgency and a nod of: ’I knew that’, the 1st conductor moves past him with good deed in hand. 

The professor just rolls his eyes and returns to his reading.  



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