A dark gale cascades across the vast barren field. 

Each yard passed, it gathers a greater momentum. 


It’s inertia pushes it down upon a frozen stubborn ground and 

forward it leaps upwards in an explosion of ice and snow. 


All wintering beneath, are at once awakened.  


Upon reaching the waiting coniferous forest, 

it shatters aging pine and the trees moan as one. 


For a long breath the woods, once silent, 

are enveloped by an unseen fury of splintering whines and frenzied sparks.


It was never clear, when this might start.   


High above the canopy of chaos, 

far above the glow of embers, 

silent stars mingle and dance upon footless halls, 

suspended in the brilliant moonless sky. 


From their loft of shining stillness,

a gentle calm illuminates and 

descends softly over all the land


we remember.  

Author: Breck Masterson

Tales From The Rail is a collection of short stories revealed in observation during a commuters journey across this land. Most, if not all stories are based on what actually happened or at times, surmised to what might have happened. . . Granting on some occasions, levity to the mundane. Enjoy!

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