In the quiet half light of Winter’s departure, a lone Osprey has swept across the sea, returning from his distant hunting grounds, far to the South.

Rhythmically he moves through dawn’s cool damp fog, his feathers long and dark, a solitary silhouette rising against the warmth of the Eastern light.

His flies with swift strength that resonates a purpose and his wings radiate as he dances upon the now awakened waves that seem to reach up and say:
‘welcome back my old friend’.

Author: Breck Masterson

Tales From The Rail is a collection of short stories revealed in observation during a commuters journey across this land. Most, if not all stories are based on what actually happened or at times, surmised to what might have happened. . . Granting on some occasions, levity to the mundane. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “OLD FRIEND”

  1. Thanks Breck for sharing another excellent entry and for providing a fine example on how to spend this spare time in a constructive fashion!


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